hello there!

i’m aino, a writer and artist, here to share a look into creating a lifestyle that inspires art.


Basically, that means I’m the lifestyle blogger that will have snacks with you and take you dancing in the rain.


yes, but why?


After graduating from university in spring 2017, I felt I needed to rethink my life. Many things about it I love and want to keep, but there was something missing. That spark I used to have about writing. About creating.

Maybe you’re the same, and are looking for that spark, that Jo March fire that sweeps you off your feet when you create.


I want to share a look into what creating a life that inspires art means, and hopefully help others do the same. I want to be the someone to hold your hand when the path gets rocky; someone to dance in the rain with. (I’m just really fond of the thought, yeah?)



that’s why i created a lifestyle blog for artists.



I’ve learned that artists are filled with infinite obscurity, possibility, and beauty. I want to discover and explore these elements in my life. To create a lifestyle fit for an artist.

Infinitely Obscure / About


But a little more about me. My name’s Aino Hyyryläinen. I’m 26. I have a master’s degree in English (with minors in creative writing and philosophy), I run a creative co-op business with six other people, and I live for theatre and writing.

Here are rapid-fire facts about me. You know, to help you decide whether I’m the kind of person whose life you want a look into:

  • I’m a Hufflepuff.
  • I’m ENFP.
  • My favourite fruit is lemon.
  • Knitting is really relaxing and fun.
  • I love Christmas almost too much for words.
  • My hero is Jo March.

Jo March has been my hero since childhood. She was everything I aspired to be: creative, brave, adventurous. I both envied and admired her ability to dive into her writing without thinking about anything else.


come and say hi.


If you have any suggestions on what you’d like to see on this blog, let me know. E-mail me at aino@infinitelyobscure.com and share your thoughts.


here are some articles to get you started:



onwards, artists. love, aino.