hello there!

i’m aino, the online big sister to brave writers everywhere.


Basically, that means I’m the writing coach that will have snacks with you and take you dancing in the rain.


Why do I think that’s what you need? I’m glad you asked!


You’re young, creative, and ready to become the artist and writer you’ve always dreamed of being.

You’re looking for that spark, that Jo March fire that sweeps you off your feet when you write.


But maybe you’re like me and want someone to compare notes with; someone to hold your hand when the path gets rocky; someone to dance in the rain with. (I’m just really fond of the thought, yeah?)

Someone who, just like a big sister, will sit with you, offer advice without judgement, and help you become the best version of yourself.


You want a writing coach who wants to see you grow; who sees what makes you unique and wonderful. You want more than a coach – you want a big sister.


i can be that person.

Infinitely Obscure / About


I’ve learned that brave writers are filled with infinite obscurity, possibility, and beauty. I see that in you, and I want you to see that in you.

I’m here when you need actionable advice on writing, mood-lifting inspiration, and tips on self-care for creative people.

I’m also here if you need to talk about anything at all. Because that’s what big sisters do – they listen and talk to you without judgement.


Are you ready to begin?


Here’s what you’re going to need:

  • a pen
  • your prettiest, sturdiest notebook
  • a passion for creative writing
  • writer fuel (snacks are self-care!)


so, who’s your new writing coach/big sister?

Infinitely Obscure / About


My name’s Aino Hyyryläinen. I’m 26. I have a B.A. in English (with a minor in Creative Writing), I run a creative co-op business with six other people, and I live for theatre and writing.

Here are rapid-fire facts about me. You know, to help you decide whether I’m big sister material for you:

  • I’m a Hufflepuff.
  • I’m ENFP.
  • My favourite fruit is lemon.
  • I love YouTube.
  • My hero is Jo March.

Jo March has been my hero since childhood. She was everything I aspired to be: creative, brave, adventurous. I both envied and admired her ability to dive into her writing without thinking about anything else.


The more I think about it, the more I see similarities between me and Jo.

  • I seek that state of flow each time I write.
  • I’ve taught myself to be brave and adventurous in my life and writing.
  • I’ve even cut my hair short without telling anyone. (That makes us, like, soul sisters or something.)
  • And of course, we’re both sisters.


I’d love to meet my new online family – come and say hi.


If you have any suggestions on what you need from me, let me know. E-mail me at aino@infinitelyobscure.com and share your thoughts. I want to help you become the best version of you, and in the process, grow into the best version of me.


here are some articles to get you started:



onwards, brave writer. love, aino.