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25 playful “What if” writing prompts.

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“My inspiration tends to come from two words. The two most important words to a writer: “What if?”” -Beth Revis.

As a writer, I adore What if -questions. They give you freedom to experiment, to be goofy, to be serious. They can lead you down paths you never would’ve taken otherwise. I’ve found them the most lucrative form of writing prompts.

“What if?” is a simple question, yet it can expand to hundreds and hundreds of possibilities. And what’s most fun is that different writers will interpret the same question differently. The beauty of what-ifs is that there are no right or wrong answers.

Today, I want to share 25 playful “What if” writing prompts with you. Let them spark your creativity. Let them lead you somewhere mysterious. Let them transport you to another reality and explore them to your heart’s content.

25 playful “What if” writing prompts



  1. What if the reader truly didn’t know who the good guy was until the last minute?
  2. What if none of the characters were binary genders?
  3. What if the rules of physics stopped applying one day?
  4. What if a thing could happen and not happen at the same time?
  5. What if teenagers ruled the world?
  6. What if one generation never learned to lie?
  7. What if your main character suddenly became a minor character?
  8. What if the fortunes inside fortune cookies all came true?
  9. What if the different horoscopes were people?
  10. What if your favourite food suddenly became a highly valued and high-priced delicacy?
  11. What if no one ever told you your name?
  12. What if vampires were trying to save the people they bite from something more terrible?
  13. What if the chosen one didn’t fulfill their destiny?
  14. What if one day all girls were treated like princesses and your main character absolutely hated it?
  15. What if true love was actually friendship?
  16. What if you were left out and tried to fight your way back in?
  17. What if you suddenly woke up as your least favourite animal?
  18. What if one day the sky started descending?
  19. What if your wildest dreams came true?
  20. What if everyone around you was in love with you?
  21. What if all celebrities suddenly disappeared?
  22. What if you had to wear your mistakes on you?
  23. What if we suddenly forgot numbers?
  24. What if the dying would petition for death to be eliminated?
  25. What if life was a musical and your character couldn’t sing?



  I’d love to know: Comment with a “What if” you came up with. Also, if you end up using these prompts, please share your work in the comments so I can read what you’ve come up with.


Now go write the world more beautiful, you awesome little human!


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