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Black and white portraits for Manna.

Infinitely Obscure: Creativity / Black And White Portraits for Manna

Occasionally, I get behind the camera and photograph plays at our student theatre. These particular black and white portraits are for a play I wrote and directed called Manna. It was about a young woman who suffers from seasonal affective disorder. When winter finally arrives, Manna’s mother calls to say she’s going to start dying. Manna meets …

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Living the theatre dream 2: Zing!

Infinitely Obscure: Living the theatre dream 2: Zing!

This post is the second part of a series called Living the Dream: Adapting Beauty Sleep for the Stage. In this series, I detail the process of adapting the film Beauty Sleep (Päivät kuin unta) by Elias Koskimies for the theatre. I’ve been dreaming about this project for years now, and finally seeing it happen is… beyond amazing!  …

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Short Story: On the Importance of Playing Solitaire, Part 1

Infinitely Obscure: Writing / Short Story: On the Importance of Playing Solitaire, Part 1

“What’s that?” He flinches. The little girl must think he’s ancient; he agrees. “It’s a deck of cards.” Where the hell is her mother? Father? “What’s it for?” “I play Solitaire with it. It’s a game you play by yourself.” “Can you teach me? I’m Lisa.” “I’m Paul. So, Solitaire. There are seven important rules.” …

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