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Conversations with my muse, part one.

We had the press release for my play today, and one of the questions I was asked was what inspires me; what keeps me writing new material year after year. I told them: creativity feeds creativity. It’s how I invite my muse to walk with me every day.

Infinitely Obscure: Conversations with my muse, part one.

I can rarely settle on one project and not think about anything else, because when I create, those ideas will give life to new ideas. When I’m already tuned to seeing the world through a writer’s eyes, snapping out of it is impossible.

So what keeps me writing? Inviting my muse to walk with me, day after day, by keeping my eyes open; my mind open. And having a good conversation with the human form that my creative energy has taken in my mind.

Conversations with my muse

(Aino is writing. Muse stands by.)

M: Would you like me to sit with you?

A: Please.

(Muse sits down.)

M: You’re going somewhere with this.

A: Yeah, I think so too. Although I’m not sure what to–

M: You’ll figure it out.

A: I will.

M: In time.

(Aino stops writing.)

M: Your critic is yelling again, right?

A: Yes.

M: Shut them out with your words.

(Aino writes a word.)

M: Just close your eyes and look. What do you see?

A: My characters.

M: What are they doing?

A: They’re going… somewhere… They’re going down my main character’s home street!

M: Now quick! Write it down.

(Aino writes.)

M: Look over there.

A: Why won’t she turn around?

M: I don’t know. You tell me.

A: She must be…

M: Now – write.

Do you have a muse? What are they like?

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