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How to procrastinate like a pro.

In honour of Fri-yay, let’s talk about procrastination. Creative people (okay, most people) tend to think procrastination is their nemesis. Granted, it is a fine art, but I doubt it’s always a waste of time.

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I’d almost call it irony that I’m writing this post after two weeks of complete inactivity on anything blog-related. Well, there was opening night, and I was tired, and I held auditions, and started a business with my friends (these are all true by the way, but more on all this later!) and excuse and excuse and blah blah blah blah blah…

Okay, I’m back.

Procrastination is the enemy, when taken to the absolute extreme. It can, however, also be an asset, if you procrastinate, dare I say it… like a pro.

So, how does one procrastinate like the pro that one is? Here are some thoughts on procrastination, the artistic way.

Gather new experiences.

Is it really procrastination if you’re experiencing things that will later benefit your art? Go to the art gallery, take a bike ride at midnight, cook a dish from a country you haven’t heard of before. Basically all human experience is fuel for art.

Challenge yourself, even when procrastinating. Don’t get stuck on doing familiar things all the time.


Know when you’re avoiding something, and when you’re just gathering up momentum.

Maybe you’re procrastinating because there’s too much going on, and your mind really needs a break from everything. Sometimes that’s a completely plausible scenario. Give yourself permission to drop everything and sort your bookshelf by colour coding, if that’s what you want.


Netflix is okay.

I know Netflix has become probably the number one method for procrastinators everywhere. But you know what? Netflix is okay. So is watching TV, and reading, and going to the theatre. After all, you’re exposing yourself to story. To dramatic structure. To credible characters. To new settings. All this could be excellent fuel for your next project.

I can’t even count how many times I’ve watched a random TV series and gotten a completely unrelated idea for my WIP, just with the power of relaxation and perhaps a dash of association.


Go outside.

This advice must be given all the time, but that’s only because it works. Go outside to procrastinate. Take a walk. Don’t think. Sometimes actively not thinking fires up your creative brain like no other. Plus you get some exercise, a bit of fresh air, and with some luck a dose of sunlight. That can only be good for you, right?

How do you procrastinate like a pro? Let’s chat in the comments!


Now go write the world more beautiful, you awesome little human!


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