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Welcome to the New and Improved Blog!

Hi guys! I’m so glad you’re here. I haven’t for a really long time. Long story short, I’ve been a bit confused with my life, and a complete failure at time management, so I had to take a break before I drove myself to burnout.

But now that I have things back under control, here are some things that are going to change over at Infinitely Obscure:


I’ve decided to start writing about the one thing I know really well: writing. Yep. This is the topic that keeps me interested every day, and one I want to learn new things about all the time. So I sat myself down for a serious chat and convinced myself that this is the way to go for my blog.


There will be new posts three times a week, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Today is an exception to this rule, so I’m going to share what this new vision of mine is coming from. But after that, thrice a week it is! That way, I can keep up and make sure I can deliver quality content to you every time I post.


One of the major stress factors about this site was that I wanted to take all my own photos. Well, that didn’t always work out so well and frankly, it doesn’t really fit into my schedule. There will be the occasional photo by me, but for the most part, I’ve decided to change into public domain photography. The ones I’ve discovered now have been excellent, so I don’t think the quality is going to suffer from this – quite on the contrary!


There’s a whole new About page to admire. Check it out here!


Now go write the world more beautiful, because you’re awesome and I believe in you!

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